My Experience Between Calorie Counting and Keto/Fasting

I recently got to my lowest weight in about 6 years. I wanted to check my statistical data and unfortunately there are no data points to give me an idea when I was last 203 lbs (92.0793 kg). Found something interesting in my data that shows the difference between Calorie Counting for 10 months and Keto/Fasting for 8 months.

Statistical Data Between Calorie Counting and Keto/Fasting. CICO had very little decline over 10 month with weight gain at the end. Keto/Fasting had sharp decline over 8 months and able to maintain weight when using a modified Keto plan.
Statistical Data Between Calorie Counting and Keto/Fasting

The first graph in the image is when I was calorie counting. I remember that every day of those 10 months I felt hungry and it was a battle. Stress from work caused me to stop and the weight just came back on. I don’t have statistical data points for that time frame as my FitBit Aria scale stopped reporting shortly after April 2013.

The second graph in the image shows when I started Keto. I did strict Keto for 3 months and quickly lost 15 pounds then went into a modified Keto that caused an 88 day plateau (at least I know what to eat to maintain). In the middle of the graph you can see a sharp decline which was when I found IDM and Doctor Jason Fung. That was October 4, 2018 which I fasted for 100 hours. Went back into the modified Keto and plateaued for another 88 days.

That spike near the end of the graph was Christmas 2018 and New Years 2019 which I gained 2 lbs (0.9072 kg). The decline was January 2, 2019 which I fasted for 82 hours, ate a meal on Saturday, fasted for another 60 hours, ate a small meal on Monday, then fasted again for 108 hours until about 10:00 AM Saturday January 12, 2019. I got a cold during that time and I broke the fast to recover. Ate my modified Keto for 7 days which is that small rise and slight decline then started fasting again on January 19th 2019 18:00. I’m currently 11.6 lbs (5.262 kg) down for the month of January. I intend to continue past 7 days with no set end time in mind.