Just Set up the New-Tech GC-9000C Industrial Sewing Machine

After a hellish 30 days from when I bought this industrial sewing machine on June 1st I finally was able to get a replacement that works. Unfortunately the replacement isn’t a new machine but appears to be the floor model. It came with a different foot and it had a #9 needle instead of the #14 which comes with the machine. Also it looks like it has a little more wear on it than the original machine I had that had the main shaft seized up. There are other issues that I will go into detail at a later date once I have had time to run this machine through a few projects.

What follows is a demo of how fast this machine is able to go from the slowest speed of 45 stitches per minute to 5000 stitches per minute. The video is in real-time and is not in slow motion at any point.

New-Tech GC-9000C Industrial Sewing Machine